Service & Repair

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Our Repair Workflow

Sims-Orange takes pride in our work. We strive to establish a long lasting relationship by providing you with a thorough and correct service. We document everything the first time and keep records for every machine that enters our shop.

  • Logging machine by serial number- Tracking by serial numbers ensures that machines will maintain service priority in the order received.
  • Interior Cleaning- Over time, dust and dirt builds up on the interior of a machine causing heat buildup and parts failure. Our Technicians clean the interior of each unit with compressed air, taking extra caution with inverters, which require more careful cleaning.
  • Making necessary repairs- Sims Orange technicians use proper procedures and quality parts to repair the machine.
  • Testing- After completing all necessary repairs, machines are load bank tested, weld tested, or cut tested, depending on type of machine to make sure it is operating according to factory specifications.